Understand your numbersBUILD A BETTER BUSINESS.


Sound familiar?

You’re busy building the business of your dreams. Through sheer hard work and buckets of determination, you’ve achieved success to be proud of.

But some areas of the business are getting more & more complex. Keeping a handle on costs, cash flow and where your profit is coming from is getting harder.

The problem is, you’re so tied up working in the business you have little time to work on the business and steer it in the direction you want it to go.

As a result, you struggle to set clear financial goals and strategies for the next stage of your business growth.

I get it!

Being the MD of a company can be a lonely experience. Who do you talk to? Where do you get the best advice? And how can you make strategic decisions if you don’t have accurate financial forecasts and insights to base those decisions on?

As a Virtual Finance Director, I act as your trusted adviser. A sounding board, offering solid advice and the rational thinking of a finance professional. Helping you confidently make key decisions about where you want your business to go.

I help you navigate the problems and pitfalls that lurk along the rollercoaster journey of business growth you are on

Your simple success plan:


Understand your numbers and clarify your business goals


Plan for profitable growth, with effective processes and clear outcomes


Build a better business, with confidence and clarity

65% of businesses that fail blame financial issues

- Make or Break? An investigation by Xero into what separates
successful entrepreneurs from those who fail